April 19, 2012

Peaking Lights are crate-diggers who have learned to cover their tracks. Unlike most bands with record collections longer than Tyson Chandler’s arms, they employ very little scratch but plenty of spliff. No song is completely cribbed from one style or scene. At Ad Hoc, I described it as “one sound inextricably intertwined, sharing a single lung– dub deconstructed, but absent any academic baggage…with auroral flecks of krautrock, gospel, soul, and esoteric Spiritualism.” The usual fancy talk to say that they are awesome.

When I interviewed Aaron Coyes at the couple’s Echo Park cottage, he showed me his racks on racks and racks of records. There was little Future and largely the past: cabinets full of rare 45s and 7-inches, limited-press gospel records, Latin, boogie, and imported reggae. Aaron Coyes shops for vinyl equipped with his own mini-turn table. Serious business and no frills. It reflects in their exotic oxygen-rich greenhouse sound. In honor of their stellar new LP, Lucifer, Coyes has been dropping mixes full of obscure gems that could send you down weed-choked rabbit holes for weeks. He was kind enough to bless Passion of the Weiss with the latest salvo, a fluid breezy burner of disco, soul, R&B, reggae, and Lil Flip. He is his own genre. Below the jump, the mix, the tracklisting, the new Peaking Lights song, the after-party.

ZIP: Peaking Lights – Passion of the Weiss Mix (Left-Click)

Passionweiss Mix:
Jean de Vres – “Marabo”
Hugh Mundell – “Rasta Have the Handle”
Rik Rok – “Some Gal Hot (Instrumental)
Gil Scott Heron/ Brian Jackson – “Willing”
Oby Onyioha – “Want to Feel Your Love”
Beres Hammond – “Be Thankful for What You Got”
Mr Big – “Rmx Cap1” (Instrumental)
Chakakas – “Jungle Fever”
Slick Skeet – “Uh Ohh!” (Instrumental)
Tapper Zukie – “Ghetto Rock”
Dudley Swaby – “Censemania Dub”
Mongo Santamaria – “Cloud 9”
Hustle 76 – “Hijack”
Tululah Moon – “If you want Love”
MDC – “Funkin for Jamaica”
Lil Flip & TJ – “Boyce this How”
Static ft. R Kelly – “Toot Toot”

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