April 19, 2012

Deen remembers the good old days when people called “snackpacks” by their real name: hats.

The apocalypse is nigh y’all.

I clicked on this after watching Nas’ ‘The Don’ trailer and lo and behold I like this song. Dear reader, I’m even more shocked than you are. SMH. Let me list all the things wrong with this song/video right quick:

  1. Snapbacks? Who cares? They’re just fucking hats. I’ve always worn them. I’ve always worn fitteds. Why are they so trendy all of a sudden. Now a grown ass nigga can’t engage the full depth of his wardrobe without looking like a hypebeast.
  2. Tattoos? They’re cool, but not cool enough to make a song about. I’d argue that it’s almost cooler not to have a tattoo these days. I know like 3 people that aren’t related to me who don’t have tattoos. I don’t have tattoos. I have scars. Lots of ‘em. With cool stories about knives, guns, bullets and accidents. Fuck wit me.

And because I’m a small-minded troll and faux-racialist, I’m going to note that it would only occur to a bright skinded muthafucka to make a song about topics as frivolous as this. We darkies are too busy making songs about Lambo “Mercies” and getting your girl to jerk us in their front seats.

This young man is also named “Graham.” Like a certain beige nigga named Aubrey. One deadbeat dad is going to ruin rap FOREVER.

Nonetheless, this is an excellent piece of pop rap genius. It’s just catchy as all the fucks. The hook is great and so is the rapping (even if Driicky over reaches a bit on technique near the end of the first verse. Just chill bruh, you ain’t got it like that yet). But the star of the show is really the beat. The production probably owes major debts to the shit Diplo did for Chris Brown and Bangladesh’s crazed 808 experiments (‘A Milli’ et al.), but that’s irrelevant. This shit is great. A little Swizzy, oops I meant busy at points, but I’d have a lot of difficulty resisting this shit after about 8 beers and in the presence of tits.

This is why you don’t watch trailers for music videos. Only idiots do that shit. Fuck…

MP3: Driicky Graham – “Snapbacks & Tattoos”

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