April 23, 2012

Tosten Burks had a really good birthday.

All hail the posse cut. The 2008ighties Crew, South-Chicago teens, shows exactly how it’s done on “The Fellowship,” a performance dripping in chemistry. Remember “Say Wassup?” At that time, you were down with the Top Dawgs, but that was the song and video that make you love them as people. Pure charm.

The interplay of style, piggybacking on flows, pushing and inspiring each other, having a damn good time doing it all. Plus, you just can’t not respect five minutes straight of flat rapping. Committing that much to a loop takes charisma. Maybe it’s because Fonz-E, Johnny, Calez and company play off each other hilariously in person just hanging out, in their own youthful chip-on-the-shoulder way, but these are personalities to be watched. “Say Wassup” was a peek at Black Hippy at their loosest, but also foreshadowing to their boldness to come. The similarities here are about work environment. The boys in BRKF$T Club are all just getting started, and signs point to exciting things in the future.

MP3 and video below the jump.

MP3: BRKF$T Club – “The Fellowship”

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