April 23, 2012

As the symbolist poet Coolio once averred: this is all the way live. Mike “The Admiral” Eagle and Ras G mash MPC hits with some soulful singing and rapping and we get war (with 25 percent more horns). This cut was done for the pair’s putative trip to Uganda, which remains $2,000 short of being fully funded (donate here). Nonetheless,  the pair will travel to East Africa to teach a class on hip hop and record with Ugandan artists. The import of this sojourn could forever alter history and stop the continent from producing another Akon.*  This is a cause for celebration. Blow the horns.

* I know Senegal and Uganda are completely separate nations, separated by thousands of miles and cultural and linguistic differences. But I really dislike Akon and I worry. On second thought, nevermind, let’s just focus on these two.

MP3: Open Mike Eagle & Ras G – “Warhorn”

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