April 24, 2012

Son Raw thinks this post would make a great shlock horror film.

Radio rips usually don’t merit the full-post treatment here at PotW but then again, not every radio rip contains a new Girl Unit song released on Night Slugs, his first since his anthemic Wut nearly tore a hole in the  space-time (‘ardkore) continuum. Just as bass house started it’s prim-n-proper streak, Wut proved to be the ultimate populist outlier thanks to its combination of faux-Atlanta drums, chipmunk soul and massively euphoric synths: it still knocks going on two years, quite a distinction in a field where tunes are old hat by the time they’re released.

Given the kind of tour money one can command after a hit of that magnitude, Girl Unit’s since been quiet on the production from but Club Rez from his forthcoming 2X12 puts to rest any possibility of him being a one hit wonder. Like Wut, Club Rez borrows from commercial rap’s synthetic elegance itself already jacked from Euro-dance leading us further down the rabbit-hole of authenticity. This time however, the martial 808s are tuned down and the Araabmuzik worthy synth-washes are grafted to a sleek Detroit core that’s pure darkness, the sweet and sour combination ensuring plenty of peak time airplay. In the words of a fellow DJ: without overwrought lyrics claiming the world is going to end like every other carbon-copy dance track out these days… this actually sounds like the world is going to end.

Not to be outdone, fellow Night Slug Jam City will be releasing a full album entitled Classical Curves. With track titles such as “How We Relate to the Body” and a history of elegant constructions hinting at dance music’s classier climes, he’s sure to interest both humanities majors and the ever increasing audience music for underground dance music. Personally, we’re really excited to hear his Main Attrakionz collabo in CDQ.


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