April 25, 2012

A combination of Deen’s latent interest in the NFL Draft and the recent wave of Nas publicity/and artwork leak led to this.

Stop it Nasir. I’m not used to all this publicity for a Nas project. Def Jam must really want to get their money’s worth outta this one. Videos, VH1 documentaries, proper single roll outs, video teasers, video trailers and God knows what else.

As for the art itself? In my esteemed opinion, it sucks. But I don’t have or want daughters, so maybe that’s my problem. But we can all agree that it looks kinda cheap – even it adheres to the artistic theme established on ‘The Don’ artwork. The single is supposed to drop digitally on May 1st (*jigs* *preps for internet backlash*) and it’s a No I.D. production – which makes me curious as all the Georges. There are so many possibilities for what this shit will sound like and I usually don’t do the prophecy shit, but I’ll go ahead anyway. Work is kinda slow right now.

My best guess is that we get something that sounds like Common’s last album – complete with an anonymous(ish – well, more like uncredited) hook from Makeba Riddick or James Fauntleroy. Not the most enticing shit to me, but it’ll probably work. It’s almost guaranteed to NOT suck. No I.D. has a pretty solid record with these things. Even the shit he made for Smedium Sean was dope.

Then again, this is Nas we’re talking about. He really has a fucked up gift when it comes to the beats, but I still maintain that our complaints are both overblown and cliched at this point in time (*plays Another Black Girl Lost* – just kidding). What if this shit samples John Mayer? Every rapper’s favorite rocker pre-the Fey/Coldplay Chris Martin (whaddup Premo!)I dunno. That could be the awesomest or most corny shit ever – I’d have to hear it first.
It’s obviously going to be softer/more commercial than the last two efforts – which were GREAT (we’re still ignoring “Another Black Girl Lost” and so is Nas apparently). It’s called “Daughters” for fucks sake.

There’s a big opportunity here if Nas and No I.D. can make that phone call to Brian McKnight. All kinds of buzz and vagina tutelage for the win.

OK. I think I’m done imagining shit. I can wait for the shit to drop and be No I.D.’s audio collage tribute to the Bomb Squad/DJ Premier/Dust Brothers consisting of old Nas vocals pasted over John Mayer’s voice filtered through dubstep and Benny Blanco. And the clubs go wild! Pause?

Whatever. Let me do some work. Then watch this champions’ league game. Then park my car. Then fuck your bitch…

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