April 26, 2012

Son Raw’s out in Brussels, eating clams and mussels.

When you make your big break by providing beats for Lil B and Soulja Boy, evolution is imperative. Not to belabor the point but those two are clearly better at recognizing potential in up and coming producers than umm… rapping, so it was a welcome relief to see Clams expand his client base to A$AP Rocky and beyond. When even your girlfriend hates the dudes you work with, it’s wise to diversify your bonds. Clams’ subsequent output has included everything from contributions to Big Krit and The Weeknd’s projects to remixes for indie bands with the tighest of jeans along with a host of instrumental tracks which perhaps best encapsulate his stoned and sedated appeal. This genre-hopping is in full effect on Clam’s mix for the BBC’s Benji B, giving the producer the opportunity to showcase rare instrumentals, unreleased material and a few surprises hinting at his latest direction. No tracklist at this time but frankly you don’t need one – just light one up and let the tracks bleed into each other.

MP3: Clams Casino in the mix with Benji B (left click. Skip to 45 minutes in for Clams’ mix)

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