April 26, 2012

Minor programming update: I, Jeff Maximilian Rollie De La Paz Weiss, may be scarce over the next month. Without scooping myself, I’m heading into the backwoods to report a story of paramount national importance. Like Cappadonna and Ghostface, I might pop in your cereal. Thankfully, the crew will be holding it down in my partial absence and not in the way that Drake and the Weeknd mean it — which is more meaningful I think.

Fittingly, The Avalanches emerge just as I descend. The infamous Australian mixologists have been AWOL for most of the last decade, since dropping their classic Since I Left You and creating global demand for frontier psychiatrists. Presumably, they spent the Bush and Obama years re-reading Bukowski because they have popped up under the alias Henry Chinaski to drop their new Sleepy Bedtime mix. And yeah, it’s as good as Ambien, full of folk, bossa-nova, jazz pop, and clips from Michel Gondry’s Science of Sleep. Personally, I think it could use a little sonambulistic advancement courtesy of Disco Vietnam, but I am biased. The mix also doubles as a built-in soundtrack to the Austin Powers-like spy spoof that you’ve been conceiving in your head. And it comes cheaper than therapy.

ZIP: Avalanches – Sleepy Bedtime Mix (Left-Click)


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