May 1, 2012

was once a psychotic neurotic.

More than most rap fans, I tend to worry a lot about some of the OGs that made the music of my youth (yeah, I’m getting used to this old nigga shit). I say “more than most” because most rap fans I know give zero fucks about cats like Diamond D anymore – assuming they even knew who he was in his prime. And I say “some of the OGs” because like everyone else, I can’t be bothered to care what the fuck Pete Nice or Lord Tariq are up to. Ain’t but 24 hours in a day and niggas got bills to pay and women… to pay too? Just kidding. The transaction isn’t THAT obvious. Yet.

One guy I’ve worried about a bunch over the years is Diamond D. That’s because he made what, in my opinion, is one of the top 3 producer driven albums in rap history: Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop. I missed the entire album back in 1992 (I didn’t have facial hair back then – still don’t), but I have vague recollections of my best friend’s older brother getting buck to the “Sally Got A One Track Mind‘ video while I wondered why he wouldn’t just fuck off and let us watch Voltron like real niggas were supposed to.

I eventually dug into the whole thing as a college freshman and it immediately became one of my favorite albums ever. I was obsessed with this shit and since Diamond D never really became a superstar in the mold of Pharrell, Dre or Kanye (or even Pete Rock or Premo level), I’ve often wondered what he was up to. It’s a bit strange to worry about a guy that probably cashed checks as large as my annual pay at one point, but I’m kind-hearted that way. I just want dope niggas to win forever or at least not suffer. I mean, if Diddy can maintain access to the finest Filipina vaginas and top the Forbes list every year, one can at least hope that a nigga with actual talent like Diamond D gets to pay his rent and buy a beer every so often. Feel me? Pause.

On the evidence above, I can’t tell if Diamond D is in arrears on his rent or not, but I definitely hear that he hasn’t lost a single step. This shit is as good as anything he churned out at his peak. No lie. Generally, Diamond’s forte is behind the boards, but the vocals on this just sound really sharp – delivery wise at least. He just sounds so damn recharged and slick. There’s no way he hasn’t paid his April rent sounding like that.

Matter of fact, I bet Diamond D owns a few apartments up north. I don’t even know why I bothered worrying or writing this shit. You assholes still won’t care, given that 2Slaves is wrapping up another 3 guest verses as I type this. I wonder if this sounds better with 2Slaves on it?

Oh and look at the fucking date. Rent is due in about 12 hours. Maaaaaaaaaan, fuck Diamond D. And his fucking apartments. And my landlord. I’m so sad right now. Deflated if you will (see what I did there – eh? eh? Ok, unimpressive, I know). I’m sorry I called you assholes – this song is just that dope to me. Enjoy dealing with that May rent struggle though. Finna go rob me a nigga on some Gangsta Gibbs shit…

MP3: Diamond D – “Deflate Ya” (Left-Click)

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