May 1, 2012

Son Raw is the rare rap Jedi.

Def Jux: powerful in life, unstoppable in death. I have no idea what Aesop Rock is talking about in Zero Dark Thirty but I do know that he makes it sound fly, a crucial component to his rhyming that was all to often forgotten by his successors. Hardcore heads know the score however; look past the arty facade and current Rhymesayers affiliation and Aes Rizzle has always been a B-Boy at heart, masking his content in wild style lyricism that’s as Hip-Hop as it gets without staying stuck in the past. The catalogue is deep: while Labor Days had all the college freshmen waxing philosophical over bong hits, Bazooka Tooth’s flip towards Rick Rubin approved drum machines and None Shall Pass’ masterful rap eclecticism deserve just as many props. If this latest video is any indication, the winning streak isn’t ending any time soon either as Aes keeps pushing Hip-Hop to it’s breaking point without ever forgetting to keep it funky. Very few people can make rap music outside of the Hip-Hop “scene” without losing sight of what makes the art form work for rap fans: Aes is one of those rare rap jedis.

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