Son Raw has extraordinary swag.

Because rapping in front of the Eifel Tower is the new rapping in the hood. Also, because rap videos are so much better when they’re not safe for work. I last wrote about Rocky’s lead single in the pressure cooker constraints of the we-got-it-first blogosphere pressure cooker but repeated listens have only strengthened my belief that this kid (alongside Danny Brown) has next. While all too many rappers resort to prostituting themselves over Guetta beats, Goldie’s layered restraint and stop-start dynamic manages to synthesize everything that’s good about rap production in this day an age: detuned 808 science, the return of chopped drum breaks, massive amounts of space to rhyme on and enough off-kilter flourishes to remind you that the whole “weird rap” thing was the media basically realizing that any rap that isn’t weird is probably boring.The rhymes are on point too: watch the kid make a champagne reference and then piss on his own luxury rap concept by saying it all tastes the same when you wash it down with a 40. Take note Kanye: you can shit talk about this kind of shit as much as you want as long as you can make your audience relate to it. I don’t know who the hell Alexandre Wang is, but I know a good rap song.

Also, Yams wants to be Dame Dash sooooo fucking bad.

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