May 8, 2012

Son Raw
gun dem bust.

Stasis is the enemy when it comes to Urban music, particularly on the dance floor. You don’t want to be caught dead rocking last year’s riddim, which can sometimes cause problems when the way forward isn’t as clear as it should be. Having pushed half-step’s torpor and darkness to the limit, many a UK producer retreated to safer climes but whether it’s the zeitgeist due to Cameron’s austerity or simply boredom from rote club hedonism, the pendulum seems to be swinging back towards darkness.

Bristol’s Kahn has spent the past few years exploring the kind of THC-infused gloominess and next-level drum production that’s been his hometown’s birthright since The Wild Bunch first through parties, combining first generation Dubstep’s massive space and bassweight to swinging Garage rhythms and the Techno soundcraft. Keeping things up-tempo, his remix of Gun Talk by fellow southerner Baobinga rides a high-powered dancehall kick, wrapping Dancehall MC Rider Shafique in ominous washes of sound and skittering percussion. Perhaps most interestingly, it’s intensely danceable without compromising on the darkness, putting soulless VST trainspotters to shame. It’s pouring rain as I write this and trust that this track along with his recent Sonic Router mix will soundtrack the day nicely.

MP3: Baobinga ft Rider Shafique: Gun Talk (Kahn Remix)

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