May 9, 2012

Son Raw is going to be spinning LIVE on Nasty.FM with Habit & Pivot from 7-9PM EST.

Fun fact, the first record I ever owned as a kid was an Alvin & The Chipmunks compilation of 80s hits: think “Uptown Girl” as sung by squeaky-voiced rodents. My favorite track on the LP was a brittle, trebbly version of MJ’s “Beat it” which I usually pitched to +8 on the 45RPM setting for maximum effect, amplifying the speed and distorted pitch to even more ridiculous levels.

Perhaps this early addiction to high-speed intensity explains why I’m so enthralled by Paveun’s hyper-juked anthem-in-waiting “I don’t Know.” Maybe it isn’t and that story just served to introduce this blog post, who knows in today’s overcomplicated world? The important thing is that “I don’t Know” splits the difference  between 1993’s rave euphoria, Kanye-era Hip-Hop production and Footwork’s 808 fetish in the best way possible and the Montreal producer has kindly opted to give it away for free for a limited time via Soundcloud. Like rap production turned inside out, this soul-sampling number avoids open breaks instead drawing for the biggest, hookiest bits before chopping and looping them ad-infinitum. The results? Diva house that doesn’t plateau so much as accelerate before exploding out of the stratosphere. Fans of good taste be forewarned: this one’s for the kids on a sugar rush.


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