May 10, 2012

You know how Jonah Bromwich does on All-Star Weekend.

Before he aggravated many of us with his unique marriage of arrogance and fine whine, Drake released a mixtape called So Far Gone. It opened with “Houstatlantavegas” — you remember. Here, Drake’s confessional style saw its genesis with a grueling, upsetting verse, about the women you run into on All-Star weekend and Drake’s penchant for falling in love with said women.

In my opinion, it’s his best song. This cover, originally done by Sonnymoon a few years ago and recently remixed by Wajeed, perfectly captures the original vibe while removing the coarseness. I ’ve recently  become obsessed with female covers of originally male songs and vice versa and this is one of the best I’ve heard. There’s a joy in hearing about the male dominated party lifestyle raved about by a soft-voiced woman. Functioning much in the same way as jj’s excellent “Beautiful Life,” these songs provide an excellent way to remove some of the misogyny from music we love, and to remind us that, no matter the gender, everyone enjoys making it rain from time to time.

MP3: Sonnymoon – “Houstatlantavegas” (Wajeed Re-Fix)

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