May 14, 2012

This was Alex Koenig’s rough draft.

“Jay-Dee’s Revenge” is the first track to surface from Rebirth of Detroit, an upcoming album that features Detroit artists rapping over unreleased J Dilla beats. But “Revenge” isn’t one of the late producer’s sweeter donuts—the song’s harsh, deep bass line and oscillating synthesizer pattern signify menace.

Danny Brown is as equipped as ever to handle a beat like this, and he brings his flamethrower flow to Dilla’s ominous production. It’s safe to say that the emcee’s Adderall-infused diatribes are as exhilarating as ever. “And teeth like this, a face like this / is like a sign around my neck that say I like to lick clits,” he snorts, evoking the intensity and penchant for shameless debauchery that made XXX a paragon of cold steel indie-rap — proving once again that it’s OK to have a sick mind as long as your rhymes are this ill.

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