May 23, 2012

Son Raw was doing this when you were in a diaper-per.

When it comes to Wiley, who the hell knows? It’s fitting for a genre as weird and self-destructive as Grime that its Godfather and head cheerleader come off as a cross between Nas, Lil Wayne, Lee Perry and The Neptunes and Wiley’s evasiveness and refusal to follow any sort of music industry plan guarantees that even those artists might get exasperated with his ways. Unless you’re in East London collecting tape packs, you’ve probably all but given up following the man’s unpredictable release schedule – major media outlets focus on his Ninja Tune albums while readily admitting they’re nowhere near as accomplished as his wildly unpredictable mixtapes.

This latest “10 steps to Grime happiness” sees him unleashing 10 140BPM freestyles for the hardcore massive, moving away from Hip-Hop tempos back into the high speed, high intensity rhyming that’s still as bracingly aggressive as it was 10 years ago while updating the production for the times. Kill Bill & Wu-Tang samples, video-game synths and Trap beats collide but it’s the words that’ll have you coming back for more – few musical weapons are as deadly as Wiley’s voice on a day where he decides to batter the listener with syllables. Don’t wait for the album, you’d be missing the point.

MP3: Wiley – It’s All Fun & Games Till… (left click)
MP3: Wiley – Step 2
Mp3: Wiley – Step 7

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