May 24, 2012

Guido’s vision of “Afrika” starts with the drums. Smacked Djembes incite the ritual around the 30 second mark, ceremonial thumps that set the stage for occult keys and synthesizers that sound like they were stolen from a lost Swizz Beatz vault. “Down Bottom” meets dubstep was once the mathematics in the orchestral lab.

But while the rest of the first wave of dubstep turns to house, juke, and whatever maximal mutation is in vogue, Guido’s operating at the opposite end of the spectrum. His songs feel more meticulous, too aggressive for IDM but not propulsive enough for the dance floor. Nor is their room for nostalgia. He seems to be after a meld of the futuristic and the ancient — blending post-space age synths with the hand drums and the eerie vocals that slither in at the 3:40 mark.¬† This is taken from his new single “Flow/Afrika.” The B-Side wins again.

The video for “Flow” is below the jump. The beat is great, but adorned by raps from a British MC named Jay Wilcox. We’ll chalk it all up to cultural differences.

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