May 31, 2012

A thousand words might be overstatement, but the picture above is worth at least 250. You see Daedelus at his most dapper and dandy-like, theatrical but serious, and illustrating the opposing impulses that fuel most interesting artists. Alfred Darlington has been prowling between musique concrete, rap, IDM, EDM, and rock since the days when people rocked Rio MP3-players. He and Dabrye were among the first to do it and you can see the influence of a half-decade ago still reverberating in laptop studios across America.

His mix for Fact illustrates the many faces of the Victorian-era enthusiast. It starts with Bone Thugs’ “First of the Month” and ends with a Daedelus track titled after the French term for “end of the century.” Subtlety is the surprising strong suit of a man prone to wearing strong suits and slapping things together that would ostensibly clash. Juke shouldn’t jive with Sonic Youth, but it does in his claws. So does Dead Prez juxtaposed with phosphorescent beats. Daedelus understood it was bigger than hip hop early on and that’s why a decade after his first record, this mix still sounds fresher than almost anything you might hear today. A good tailor is hard to come by.

Tracklist below the jump.

MP3: Daedelus – Fact Mix 331 (Left-Click)

1st of the Month – Bone Thugs and Harmony
Crew – Mono/poly
Act Stupid – BoeBoe
HighrGravity – Swarvy
Maven – Lil Jabba
Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest
Bounce Bang – Dj Deeon
Hard 2 Be – Machinedrum
Kaychunk – Kyle Hall
The Art Of Murder – Jonwayne
Clotting – Deft
Cybo – Bobby Tank
Dance 4 U (Kiff Remix) – Kiff The Producer
Veridis Quo – Daft Punk
My Time – Ann Steel
Curtains Don’t Talk (Daedelus Pacific Juke) – Janet Jackson / Beach Boys
Weight on the Moon (Dntel remix) – Adventure Time
Shift – Gumar
Sippin – Bames
Imagine3 – LDFD
Lyposuct – D.I.M. & Tai
Positif – Mr. Oizo
Palm Shade Tree – Morpheground
Codéine (instrumental) – TTC
The End – Milenese
Ooos and Aahhs (feat. Jesse Boykins III) – Theophilus London
Grimboh – Stagga
Unbelievable – Dj Clap
Another Girl – Jacques Greene
Fog – Portable Sunsets
It’s Bigger Than HipHop – Dead Prez
Space Muzik Pt. 3 – Young Smoke
Reaction Time (Daedelus Juke) – Calyx
Sugar Kane – Sonic Youth
Faux Art – Krampfhaft
Nothing Is Always The Same – Alex B
Fin De Siècle – Daedelus

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