Deen forgets but never forgives.

I’ll never forgive Curren$y for letting Wale’s voice be the first thing we’d hear on this album. I’m so hurt outchea. Just so we’re clear that I’m not the only one that feels this way, here’s a comment from a reader over at my blog:

damn @mobbdeen my thoughts exactly. I did a double take as to what I clicked play on the soundcloud stream when the first thing I heard was Folarin’s voice. brings me joy to know i wasn’t alone with that.

That was from the homie Cmonkidkickrocks. Thanks for hating with me whoadie. I appreciate it. Maybe I’d be more forgiving if I was indulging in some herb, but niggas gotta be at the plantation early. In any case, we’re doing this bullet-points style, because that’s the way of the lazy bloggist (yes, a “bloggist” is superior to a blogger – contact me for more details).

  •  Cardo wins again. “Showroom” came on right as I was thinking I should cut this shit off and go listen to Covert Coup again. To be fair, I’m sure that the stretch of songs starting with “Privacy Glass” up to “Take You There” are perfectly servicable if unspectacular Curren$y songs, but the crushing stink of Wale starting the album rendered me incapable of conjuring fucks until I heard this dope Cardo beat. Spitta is dope with the bars, but I have to admit that the odds of me loving a Curren$y song are HIGHLY dependent on the production.
  •  “Capitol” still sounds excellent, despite 2Chainz. I guess it took Spitta a minute to get going on this project, but that’s two dope songs next to one another. I hope the streak continues.
  •   “No Squares” is fuego. I approve greatly. Probably a better single choice than the thing with Wale. I bet the label had something to do with that single choice, no matter how cool Spitta pretends to be with that shit.
  •   Can’t go wrong with the sample on “Sunroof.” The Arthur Verocai horns are infallible. This is what 9th Wonder sampled for some corny Ludacris song off Theater of the Mind. Applaud my genius. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Done? Ok. We’ll continue. I think that’s Corneyboy P sounding all light voiced and anonymous on the 2nd verse. Not bad.
  • “Chasin Paper” with Pharrell isn’t bad, but I was expecting much more. Swiping the melody from “Ooh Child” shouldn’t pass as a Pharrell hook. I’m sure Spitta could have filled that in with some ordinary and less annoying shit without cutting that check.
  • Didn’t Estelle use this elsewhere already? For Prodigy methinks — on that under heard HNIC 3 tape from earlier this year. Or maybe French Montana did some crooning like this on the same tape. Maybe I’m sleepy. Lemme hit the gym.
  •   “Chandelier” might be the best song on this set. Smooth beat and a cool Spitta hook, even if the story is one he’s already told a billion times. That reminds me, I gotta get rich or even fake-rich soon. I’m tired of relying on my moderately decent looks and easy humor to charm these hoes. Accidentally dropping some Audi R8 car keys during conversation seems like it would get the panties off much easier. I like easy. I’m lazy that way.
  •   I wanna hear more from Curren$y and Daz after this effort. The juxtaposition of the former’s nonchalant drawl and the latter’s energy works a lot better than it should – kinda like a poppier version of “Scottie Pippens” minus Gangsta Gibbs’ murderous verse.
  • “Jet Life” with K.R.I.T. and Wiz is decent, but it doesn’t come close to the genius that was “Glass House.” I suppose that’s a lot to expect from the trio, but a nigga can hope. I can’t put a finger on it, but I keep listening to this and thinking that it could have been so much better. And that sentiment extends to the entire album, but you could say that about anything in life. Except model pussy. There’s nothing better than model pussy. Or so I’ve heard.

I suppose my feelings on some of the weaker songs could change with more listens — especially with car speakers. But as always, Spitta has given us a solid effort. I was kinda hoping for spectacular, given the resources at his disposal, but the minute Wale came on this bitch, I knew it would be an uphill battle for us to get more Covert Coup and less Pilot Talk 1. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I have my preferences and expectations and life chooses to ignore both. It’s hard living this sad life. I think I’m giving this $10 to someone else. Or maybe I’ll put it towards a concert. Or some promethazine. Decisions, decisions…


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