The deep fried deliciousness of Maybach Music is their ability to escape ostensibly career-killing incidents. Rawse was revealed to be a corrections officer and his profile increased exponentially. Gunplay, the group’s coke-scrambled hard knock got knocked the fuck out on camera and has since become the toast of Internet Southern strategists. And after Wale discovered the ties that bind The Game and the rap game, he’s become 100 times more popular than he ever was when he used his modest powers for good. As for the other two guys in Triple C’s, I’m sure they somehow landed solid government jobs, probably in the Department of the Treasury.

But while Meek Mill operates as the unofficial capo, the Da Capo crowd prefers Don Logan. And while it’s in my nature to automatically eye-roll at the latest competent street rapper hailed as the second coming by a sect half-composed of people who discovered Soulja Slim after Soulja Boy, Gunplay deserves the praise. He’s basically a more lyrical Flocka, which means that he also enjoys Quentin Tarantino, salamanders, and Swastikas. His flow is as animated as you’d expect from a man who presumably frosts his flakes with all sorts of sugars.

Following in the wake of “Cartoon and Cereal,” the man who participated in one of the greatest titled songs of all-time (“Gunplay” ft. Gunplay), steps into the arena with Weezy Frampton Baby for “Banana Clips.”As you might expect, it is not a tribute to your favorite local frozen banana stand. Wayne realizes that he needs to rap well or else he’ll look ridiculous. Gunplay threatens to kill you, brags about his chain and his champagne, and invokes Bilderberg Group conspiracy theories. But he does it with gusto, which 9 out of 10 doctors say is better than swag. Don’t even bother bumping this from your laptop speakers. This is what Leni Riefenstahl would use to score her parade soundtracks of today.

MP3: Gunplay ft. Lil Wayne – “Banana Clips”

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