June 6, 2012

Nature abhors a vacuum. So with the death of Jan Berenstain earlier this year, there was a gaping void in the ursine world, one almost instantly filled by the return of the brothers Grizzly. “Sleeping Ute” is the name of the new song, conjuring both visions of My Cousin Vinny and votive offerings for peace. Thus is the key to appreciating Grizzly Bear. Their ease at reconciling contradictions. Empyrean vocals coexist with volcanic drums. Headphone listening reveals a baroque complexity, but casual listening makes for a pretty chill experience. And I mean chill the way that slack people mean it, which is more meaningful I think.

The intricacies and gorgeous production flourishes are readily evident, but it’s joyless to break them down. The composition is involute but whole, expanding upon the Grizzly Bear template of hearth-smoked psychedelia, seraphic folk-tinted falsettos, and blood-stained imagery. The knife is still being wielded, the dreams wander, but summer is here. This is a beautiful song.  The visions are dark and closed, the noise is too loud, but the sun is very bright. On a scale of 1-10, its warmth is akin to the Berenstain Bears Valentine Special.

Track below the jump.

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