Deen is wary of the Maghreb region of the South Bronx.

I suppose I should blame myself for expecting something decent outta French Montana. I should know better. I mean, the guy is a mildly slow drunkard worth more money than I am – that’s essentially my boss too and I don’t expect anything good from that nigga either. I don’t know who produced this generic shitfest, but I’m pretty sure this is not Harry Fraud’s work. Perhaps it makes too much sense to have the guy that made the hit that got you hot enough to get a deal from Rawse and Diddy to helm the first single from your “heavily” anticipated debut album. Then again, what the fuck do I know – I work for a fucking drunk.

This may be the worst song ever to use this “Don’t Stop, Pop That…” sample. The production is generic as most of the fucks and bamma as the rest of the fucks that it isn’t generic as. Maybe I can take the fact that it may or may not have the clap sounds from Rihanna’s ‘Cake’ all over it as some sort of positive. Well no. Even Usher is using that shit now, so fuck that. Then there are the verses. A bunch of shake junt blather consisting of French’s usual drunken rambling (he didn’t even have the decency to mumble a hook – I’m sad), Rawse with the appropriate raunch (given the sample, the Uncle Luke shout is appreciated), Drake seemingly angry at someone and Wayne choosing to waste his new burst of energy on an extended ad for his new clothing line and skateboarding. The latter gets some credit for imagining a world in which bitches suck a nigga’s dick for some Truc***t (you gotta pay for ads on Passion of the Weiss – we don’t play that free shit), then again, that shit is probably true. As Winston Churchill once said, “bitches suck dick for less everyday b.”

All that being said, this is obviously going to be a hit. It’s too generic and filled with star power not to pop off. No pun intended. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my twenty-something years on the planet, it’s that bitches, hoes and women alike love being instructed to pop that pussy. They can’t resist that shit. Makes me wonder why every song doesn’t tell women to pop that pussy. It’s science y’all. That’s gotta be the reason why this fucking sample shows up on a song/single at least once every other year. If my rap career ever takes off, my custom ad-lib will be “pop dat pussy,” every other bar – even when I’m fake thuggin on wax. As in “the thief’s theme, play me at night they won’t act right (pop dat pussy), understandable smooth shit that murderers move with (pop dat pussy biiiiiiitch!).” Yep, I’ll be a star in at least less time than it took French Montana to come up with this dingleberry.


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