Dustin-Prestige – I AM LEGEND (Music Video) from Ronnie West on Vimeo.

I’m still not sure why Houston rapper Dustin-Prestige doesn’t just call the cops instead of disposing his girl’s body in a dumpster. Maybe he hasn’t seen the “Brenda’s Got a Baby” video? This sort of thing just never works out well. In other news, 2Pac turned 41 yesterday. Hopefully, one of the Angolans who Charles Barkley elbowed in ’92 bade him birthday wishes at his hidden Luanda compound.

Other things I’m uncertain about after watching the video for “I Am Legend:” What does Dustin-Prestige have against socks? Why the unnecessary hyphen? What does this have to do with Will Smith? And where are my Tevin Campbell posters? I do know that I enjoy this song very much and that cigarettes behind the ear will always look cool. Fuck what those billboards tell you.

Shout out to Shea Serrano for the tip. Prestige’s new mixtape Plaid below the jump.

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