June 19, 2012

Max Bell bought a lot of St. Ides when he was 4.

In 1971, Jean Knight asked Mr. Big Stuff, ‘Who do you think you are?’ In response, a newborn boy by the name of Calvin Broadus spoke his first words: ‘I’m muthafuckin Snoop Dogg, baby.’ It’s rumored that the boy didn’t speak for years after this. When he did finally speak, it is also rumored that his voice would make those around him do whatever he asked of them.

Snoop can sell me anything. He can even make people burn books. So it should come as no surprise that he’s released a smooth jam for his sativa-salivating disciples to bump this summer as they roll up with his Executive Branch cigarillos.

The video takes a hint from Budweiser, Coors, and all those other legalized American brands of liquid poison, with Snoop surrounded by tons of bikini-clad women—these women were probably standing out in front of Snoop’s house anyway. And keeping in line with this tradition, Snoop disses his competitor, going so far as to rip up a pack of Swishers as he sways back and forth with his hopefully surgically attached Rastafarian beanie.

The lesson: Good weed and Snoop’s Executive Branch cigarillos will fill your crib with more honeydips than you have the fluid for.

It doesn’t get more commercial. It doesn’t get more American. It doesn’t get more Snoop.

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