June 27, 2012

Evan Nabavian was a fan of the band, Veruca Salt.

I’m a sucker for that cheesy swell of strings you hear on old movie soundtracks. You know, like when the camera opens on a vast landscape or when Aladdin finally frees the Genie. It’s an aural cue for cinematic spectacle. For a rap song to employ one such moment, especially one as recognizable and saccharine as the refrain from Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination,” it takes a great deal of hubris. Astute listeners of Cornerboy P’s Fendi P 2 mixtape already know that I’m talking about “Paradise (Fuck My Car 2012)”.

A simple alliterative chant (“Candy on the car, wood on the wheel”) and a pithy UGK-inherited denunciation of gold digging women (“That bitch don’t wanna fuck me, she wanna fuck my car”) form a gleeful chorus around which men vaunt their callousness. The Willy Wonka beat takes this novelty posse cut to another strata of mirthful audacity with which every spurned male can identify (now there’s a sentence that no one will ever write again).

Since it dropped a month ago, this track has never failed to cheer me up. So let me extend my gratitude to Corner Boy P, Big Sant, Tum Tum, Killa Kyleon, and most of all producer Jimmy Ramos for re-contextualizing this faded third grade memory as an avowal of girls who would not fuck us, but would our cars. Now I only ask that the video take place in a faithful recreation of The Chocolate Room.


ZIP: Corner Boy P – Fendi P 2 (Left-Click)

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