The Soundcloud description on “Sushi,” Dam-Funk’s latest gratis giveaway reads, “Self-Explanatory. Take Care Y’ All.” It’s not hard to interpret when you put on a pair of headphones. The synthesizers are as bright orange as smelt roe. The chords are fresh and ripe as good avocado. And Dam-Funk is only capable of bringing the raw. The crucial difference is that this music is ideal to leave baking in the sun.

I tried listening to Dam when I was in Louisiana, but it didn’t feel right. Not to say that I couldn’t appreciate the music, but there is something infinite and innately Californian about his music. It always reminds me of the quote in On the Road when Kerouac describes Dean Moriarity as a “kinsman of the Western Sun.” Dam channels the California that exists in the minds eye, with Superfly style and inextinguishable generosity. The track is honoring the sixth year of the Funkmosphere, every Monday night at Carbon. Don’t expect it to appear on the new record, slated for early Fall.

Below the jump, the track and a host of other jams that Dam has been covertly posting up on his SoundCloud page. Ideal antidotes for the trite horror of a Monday.

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