July 3, 2012

Rick Ross asked for it, so Deen shall decree.

Well. My first thought on Rozay’s “Hold Me Back” is that the hook sounds almost exactly like the hook from Wale & Meek Mill’s “Actin’ Up” off the new MMG compilation (for the record, that shit sucks – all of it, save 3 Meek verses and 2 Gunplay rants). Sadly enough, neither song is that impressive. Even worse is the fact that this shit doesn’t really deviate much from the “Blowin’ Money Fast” part 2 shit Rawse has been doing over the last 18 months or so. It’s beyond sad at this point.

Credit to the homie StraightBangin‘ on this next point, but it seems as if Rawse basically forgot what REALLY earned him our acceptance and admiration – his much improved and authoritative flow layered over luxurious strings and soul samples. The fact that loaning Lex Luger from Waka just happened to accelerate his ascent to “rapper that really matters” status doesn’t mean that the people don’t want to hear what he’s best at anymore. The only good “BMF” knockoff was “9 Piece.” Everything else sounds like shit to me. I kinda figured he was on the right track with “I Love My Bitches,” but that song wasn’t THAT good and his health issues put paid to the promo anyway.

As for the bars, this shit is easily a notch below “So Sophisticated” (delivery wise – he ain’t really talmbout shit) and I wasn’t really impressed by that shit either, but it had some fucking verve and Meek Mill helped quite a bit. I bet the folks at Def Jam have given serious, but quiet consideration to pushing God Forgives I Don’t back again. Based on what we’ve heard thus far (i.e., a series of shite singles), Rawse is on course to drop his weakest album since Trilla. I hope he proves me wrong on that, because I don’t want to spend the rest of the summer Jeezy-laughing at him. Maybe Rawse should have thought better of trying to fanute Jeezy’s TM103 buzz by dropping Rich Forever. I imagine some of the stronger songs on that project would be saving his ass right now.


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