July 3, 2012

Deen’s only problem with the 90s is that the word “Fanute” had yet to be discovered.

I could only listen to this once. But that’s because I’ve heard enough from Life Is Good at this point and want to salvage that initial listening experience by avoiding further leaks. Still. HOLY SHIT! This is excellent and I’m certain that isn’t just the stan in me rejoicing. The production is vaguely reminiscent of some combination of “Genesis” (the train noises) and a less melodic version of “NY State of Mind” (pianos for the fucking win). I know that’s high praise, but I’m so sincere right now.

No I.D. really outdid himself with the production on this track and Nasir definitely brought his A-game to match. There’s more cinematic imagery on this shit than in every Tyler Perry movie till date. And in lieu of a hook or a verse, we get Large Professor bigging up the Gawd MC at intervals. This is definitely rap nerd catnip – as Nas puts it “this is for my trapped in the 90s niggas.” On behalf of that demographic, I offer profuse thanks.

Track below the jump.

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