Max Bell values cleanliness before Based Godliness.

Kenny Segal and Self Jupiter are, respectively, the hip-hop equivalent of Pulp Fiction’s Marcellus Wallace and Winston Wolf. And not solely in their physicality. Together, they are the new and notable avant-rap duo—The Kleenrz.

Self and Kenny have crafted, at least with “Filthy,” the single off of their upcoming self-titled Hellfyre Club debut (drops July 31), something wonderfully strange, eerily inviting, and sadistically sating. The laconic and thoughtful delivery of carefully constructed and demented pith, a la fellow Blowedian Open Mike Eagle’s “Nightmares,” combines with a sparse noir-inspired beat to evoke images of a gumshoe casually following his mark on a gray afternoon. “Filthy” has deep pockets that allow Jupiter to deftly ride the drums while painting the mind red with scenes of a deranged clean up man who hasn’t learned to keep his emotions out of his profession. (He has also coined my new favorite hashtag, #FilthyByAssociation). And the hook, though it sounds like the theme song to an old sitcom, is somehow fitting, squeezing every drop of juice out of this laid-back piece of pulp.

The video is something you might find during the interlude of your favorite Adult Swim programs—I want residuals should this happen. The cartooned duo go about kleening up after their employers and proceed to use the recently deceased to power their orange van. Gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘bio-diesel.’ If Hollywood can script Doc Brown and that slacker McFly to power the DeLorean this way in a crazed twist on the original then maybe we’ll have a Back to the Future reboot soon enough—again, residuals. And maybe, just maybe, in a future where the masses listen to tolerable music, “Filthy” will be on the soundtrack.


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