July 12, 2012

The murder rap template has been as well-marked as a chalk outline, but credit DaVinci for the Law & Order Award for dramatic tension. Since his debut, The Day the Turf Stood Still,  the Fillmore rapper has understood the power of detail. On “Long Way From Home,” he’s taking trips out of state, to find a small town thirsty for pills and other contraband. He’s “blending with the pale face smokers,” while loading his ammunition. 400 Miles from home rolling in a Pan Am, phone about to die, smoking cigs by bridges, dumping bodies in the river, running out of gas, the flashing lights pull up, and you can guess how it ends.

Josh the Goon on the beat, adding to the murder muzik with some vintage keys in the vein of Havoc or Alchemist.

Track below the jump. Comes equipped with a free road map of Weed, Ca.


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