Son Raw would like to share a few thoughts.

  • Domo Genesis carries weed but he clearly aspires to more than weed carrier status. While I wasn’t particularly impressed by his contributions to the OF Tape 2, that’s probably due to the project’s general lack of focus and sub-par production. Rolling papers was dope but that era of Tyler production feels ancient now so this Alchemist-produced full-length is show and prove time. Then again, that’s the great thing about OF: through all the hype and skate-punk fanbases they’re still young rappers and still evolving.
  • Speaking of which, Earl’s voice. Obviously you can’t fault the kid but for the lower tone but this performance comes off a little sleepy and it’s clear he’s still figuring out how to use his voice for maximum impact. Can’t fault him for the flow and lyrics though.
  • So Vince Staples is OF’s Cappadonna? Wouldn’t mind hearing more from him.
  • Alchemist is in that zone right now where he has access to all of the best rappers and knows exactly what to give them. The aughts must have been a long decade for the producer since the rap landscape rarely favored his kind of dusty sampler-funk but what a pay off now that the trends have come around.
  • Action. Fucking. Bronson. Everyone comes correct here but as soon as Bronson steps up, it’s not even a competition. Kendrick and Danny Brown aside, there isn’t another rapper spitting this much fire so consistently and Rare Chandeliers promises to be something else entirely. There’s a reason he gets that applause – let’s just hope Interscope doesn’t sign him off skin color and stick him with a wack single.

MP3: Domo Genesis & Alchemist ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples & Action Bronson – Elimination Chamber.(Left click)

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