In which Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler the Captain conspire to win the 2012 Award for Madvillainy. I’ve said this a million times, but the Rawkus-turned-Rick Ross fans who scorned Doom and Madlib fans forgot that mainstream music has always been influenced by underground ideas. Sometimes it takes a generation. Why else would Kanye pay visits to Madlib’s attic?

My 14 year old cousin who I refuse to follow back on Instagram for obvious reasons has a capsule bio that reads “I Heart OFWGKTA.” I hope she reads this and memorizes “Rhinestone Cowboy.” I doubt she will, but if she learns the words to “Between Friends,” that would be cool too. Lotus drops the ice cube jazz beat and Tyler The Captain and Earl rap like no one told them that they weren’t supposed to be subterranean. Proving again that Tyler fooled everyone. Scream loud enough about how you’re not underground and people believe it. Meanwhile, Earl brags about his bars within 30 seconds. Next thing you know Supreme is going to start selling backpacks. Too late…..


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