Like Ka and Roc Marciano, there’s a patient painstakingly assembled quality to Has-Lo’s music. If you listen to it only once, you might even find it a bit boring. Has’ rarely modulates his voice, opting for a cool detachment, the lucid narrative eye triumphs over the bloodied combatant. It initially seems like aloofness, but upon repeat listens, his writing and raps reveal a middleweight’s grace. He doesn’t punch the hardest and he doesn’t move the swiftest, but there’s an even-keeled elegance to his music. “Stained Glass” and “Make a Bet” are two meditative windows into his world.  Camel hair trench coats, cake eaten, plans hatched. Slow burners, stained glass thoughts, polonium tipped darts. Duck accordingly.

Songs below the jump. Tracks taken from the Mello Music Group 7″ inch series — released tomorrow.

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