Deen doesn’t believe in R&B duets.

I’m gonna say this real quick:  I don’t really listen to Jim Jones. Ever. Unless I have to. Ballin’ was a smash that brought us all together with a “dance” even the most uncoordinated among us could do. After all, he’s an ex-weed carrier best known for ruining Dipset, being on VH1 (so I’ve heard/read) and stealing from Max B (more later).

However, I had to make an exception for this particular track when I saw the featured guests: Killa and Weezy. Granted, neither gent is his prime anymore (Jim Jones never had a prime. Weed carriers never do), but they’ve often combined for some excellent and ignorant music. In fact, you could extend that sentiment to any combination of Lil’ Wayne and Dipset. They just get each other – slight tangent time – I think the specific moment in which I decided that Weezy wasn’t simply a garbage ass rapper with a cool voice was when I heard his verse on Killa’s Touch It Or Not – a veritable display of unabashed nignorance.

Anyway, I hit play on this shit and its easily one of the best things I’ve heard this year. It’s possible that I’ve become an connoisseur of bad taste, but I just really enjoy this song. The most hilarious part about me liking this shit is that none of the featured “big name” artists actually contribute anything to said “like” – despite Weezy sounding awake for the first time in a minute (onomatopeia FTW), Killa shooting at Mase and Jim Jones doing whatever the fuck he did on his verse (I’m serious – fuck that guy). All the plaudits go to Triple A and Sanchez Tuitt on the beat and T.W.O. on the hook, the latter of which is essentially one giant Max B bite (yeah Jimmy, we hear you stealing. STILL). Pause. The popular guys do a decent job on their verses, but they basically serve as placeholders until the hook filters back in.

Ultimately, this shit is more of a reminder of past glories than anything else. It’s been so long since anyone in Dipset did anything of note and that’s kinda sad. Even if these muthafuckas aren’t planning on a big comeback (I think they are, but few will care), it would be nice if they managed to sustain decent solo careers. However, as with every New Yorker in that generation not named Nas or Jay-Z, their careers are all on pause. Ugh. That being said, I really hope my pessimism is unfounded and this 60 Rackz shit turns out to be a hit. It’s good enough, methinks. But if I’m right, that’s fine too. We’ll always have Diplomatic Immunity

MP3: Jim Jones ft. Lil Wayne & Cam’ron – “60 Rackz”

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