July 27, 2012

Son Raw gets trippy, mane.

Amidst a generation of pill popping Avicii fans with a hazy understanding of subgenres and a counter-revolution of James Blake lovers who don’t drop the bass so much as gently cradle it to sleep, it’s easy to forget that Dubstep (actual Dubstep) doesn’t have to suck. The difference between the worst bro-strains and perfectly serviceable dance music is usually a question of degree: a little restraint goes a long way in this field and you don’t necessarily have to overreach until dungeon minimalism to win. The Soap Dodgers understand this: dance music isn’t a new thing in London and Strobes is haunted by the ghosts of acid house and bleep techno, genres which were also once reviled as meaningless noise for rubes only to be re-evaluated and canonized. This doesn’t re-invent the wheel but it doesn’t have to: if your night out in any resembles this video, then Strobes will make for a fitting soundtrack.

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