July 30, 2012

Dam Funk looking dapper in the retro Starter jacket and offering up some self-described summer time glides. “Happy” feels like a modern funk riff on Slave’s “Watching You,” maybe best known to you in the “Never Seen Before (Remix).” Like the EPMD track, this is also the uncut raw. Dam’s new single “I Don’t Want to Be a Star,” should be dropping any week now, with the album expected sometime in the early to late fall.  No, I haven’t heard it, but I will sure to make all sorts of obnoxious humble-brags once I do. Also, keep your eye out for the next issue of Wax Poetics, where I interview Dam about his new record, his life experiences, and where he sees the future of funk. He goes deep. That is his only mode.

In other Stones Throw news, Jonwayne just dropped a loosie aided by Jeremiah Jae, Azizi Gibson, Scoop Deville, and Quelle. Your best bet is to start at the four and a half minute mark and work backwards. In the words of an iconic street fighter, there are yoga flames, even if I’m pretty sure Jonwayne doesn’t do yoga. Holler at me, man. There’s a class up the street. Lots of pretty girls with bad tramp stamps. It’s the place to be. Sorta. Maybe. I don’t even know anymore.

Tracks below the jump.

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