July 31, 2012

Deen is Batmane.

The video for the song of the year is finally here.

OK. That was hyperbole. This is not the song of the year. It ranks second only to Future’sNeva End.” Yep. I’m so sincere right now. Or maybe I’m not. You don’t care.

All I know is that Future’s Pluto hasn’t left the rotation since it dropped and that’s the ultimate proof of it’s worth. It’s no coincidence that both of the aforementioned tracks were both produced by Mike Will Made It. That nigga is on a fucking tear this year (with Harry Fraud running him a close second) and Future has graced his weirdest production. Superb chemistry there.

What’s more interesting is that Mike Will has worked with a variety of other rappers who I wouldn’t necessarily associate with his sound (I’m still running low on adjectives at the moment, so I’ll pass on describing said sound right now). Example:  Juicy J’s  “Bands A Make Her Dance” just charted on the Billboard 200 (this probably has a lot to do with Lil’ Wayne’s presence on the track, but it certainly deserves to be a minor hit at least). Good shit.

I can’t remember whose review expressed slight disappointment in Future’s Pluto for not completely embracing his weirdness and just spinning off the deep end. I’m in total concord with that sentiment. The Mike Will/R&B stuff on the album turned me off (pause) at first because it, frankly, wasn’t rap and it just sounded so darned undercooked and weird. But all that shit grew on me and my favorite 4 or 5 tracks on the album are the ones I hated initially. That said, the Snoop and Kells features are crap [ed. note: blasphemy] and so is “Permanent Scar.” The singles are all good money though.

So yeah, this turned into a love letter to Pluto. Pawse. Here’s to hoping that “Super Hendrix” or/and ‘Future Hendrix – do more to embrace Future’s weirdness, i.e., have a lot more Mike Will Made It beats on them. For now, I’ll go sing along to ‘Turn On The Lights” and “Neva End” at the gym. The best snowbunny is a scared snowbunny on a treadmill– just ask Kobe.

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