Deen wrote this in a fit of peak.

Trinidad James makes one hell of a first impression, so I’ll offer apologies in advance for all the (probably ill-fitting) comparisons I’m about to make. That’s what happens when you don’t know shit about a rapper other than he’s from Atlanta.

That cover is ridiculously great. Evokes ODB. Really. Young nigga fits gold fronts to his crooked ass grill and rocks black duds with gold accessories. Reminds you a little of  the ASAP Mob — well, more like SpaceGhostPurrp if we’re being fair. Speaking of SGP, Trinidad James’ has an unpolished and sloppy vibe reminiscent of SGP’s early work – but said vibe is more the result of James’ delivery and less of a production/lo-fi thing. And the production on this project takes some cues from SGP’s early Three 6 Mafia revivalism – from the triple hi-hats to the yelp effects on some of the beats.

A more accurate description might be… well, I don’t know right now. I just dig this shit. But this nigga doesn’t even sound like he’s from Atlanta. However, he talks about the kind of shit debauched ATLiens have been on for eons (ratchet bitches, fuck niggas, molly, gold and so on) and the project only really lags when he attempts to do some conscious type shit. All in all, a solid opening salvo from an interesting character I hope to hear a lot more from in the future…

ZIP: Trinidad James – Don’t Be S.A.F.E (Left-Click)


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