Chris Daly is pro-Shadrach.

I don’t know what you accomplish during your lunch hour, but I’m happy to snag a bite, possibly twist one up, and then call it a success. The Roots’ ?uestlove obviously has different standards. Given the Herculean task of preparing a demo tape of Beastie Boys tracks for their upcoming Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame induction, Ahmir  Thompson did what any self-respecting perfectionist would do—instead of simply assembling a playlist, the Afro’d one opted to not only lay down original drum tracks, but cut lyric-by-lyric, line-by-line vocals, for this obvious labor of love. And he did it all during his lunch break.

While the usual mantra ‘round these parts is “playlists are for punks,” Brother Question digs so deep, I’d be remiss not to let the man speak for himself:

in my head i wanted to include ALL fan highlights:

– “The New Style” for the urban 80s black hip-hop demographic that jumped aboard after “Hold It Now Hit It” became a hip-hop classic

– “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” to keep the “why the hell aren’t you doing “Fight For Your Right!”??!?!” heads in check. basically the same feel of a song with more bboy back beat. plus i nailed Ad Rock’s “Live!”

– “So Whatcha Want” for all of the Stan Smith/boho Check Your Head cats out there who stuck with the boys while they were growing up and finding themselves

– “Sabotage” for the post grunge audience of MTV that embraced them and brought them back to the commercial glory we all thought was gonna elude them after Licensed To Ill faded away.

– and the drum roll from “Shake Your Rump” to acknowledge their best album Paul’s Boutique.

Now somebody go buy that man a sandwich.

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