August 21, 2012

When asking yourself what do the Leaders of the Fake World do on an average weekend, the answer is quite simple. They rent a schooner in the Marina, dress up as tyrants from Tripoli and smoke enough blunts to kill a bison. (That’s a lot if you aren’t into Zoology.)

Related videos for BEeFF’s “Gadaffi” include a recipe on how to make Libyan couscous, and a “Bamboo Trap Demonstration.” Obviously. Rick Ross may have speedboats, but he does not have Sea Lions. BEeFF do and they are not afraid to use them. They also have impeccable game with gold-skinned headless mannequins. They are true dictatorial professionals. They also might be making the funniest videos in rap right now. Someone needs to buy them a phalanx of Russian nurses/bodyguards.

Download BEeFF’s Leaders of the Fake World mixtape below the jump.


BEeFF Rule the Fake World

BEeFF: Beautiful Women Dying (Necrophiliac)

Video: BEeFF – Homeless

ZIP: BEeFF – Leaders of the Fake World (Left-Click)

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