Nothing fancy, just something for the sweltering last stretch of Summer. Guido drops a 30 minute mix of chilling freon filled with remixes of Aaliyah, 2Pac, a Floating Points track, some Nujabes, and Jessie Ware. Also, a remix so good that Ja Rule does not deserve it. No need to say something slick. Just download the mix and enjoy the melting ice and sugar at the end of your iced coffee.

Tracklist below the jump.


Ask – fat jon
The Corridor (Kromestar’s classroom mix) – Om unit
Rock the Boat – Aaliyah
Spend the Night – Donell Jones
Way u make me feel (Mary J mix) – Guido
Running – Jessie Ware
Carry out Instrumental – Timbaland
Do for love – 2pac
Mind – Fatima produced by Floating Points
Feather (Featuring Cise Starr & Akin From Cyne) – Nujabes

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