August 29, 2012

Skeme and Schoolboy Q: two dudes so far removed from reading blogs that they obviously had no clue that The Gorillaz had a huge hit with the same song title. To be fair, they did add a “Z” for a double dozage of pimping. The combo of the Black Hippie and the Inglewood gangsta rapper works better than you might expect. There’s no yin/yang thing, this is straight gun-waving savage shit that makes you want to start throwing furniture into the street. I’m not sure why you would want to do that, but I’m currently looking suspiciously at my ergonomic office chair. Who want what?

THC continues to emerge as one of the most unsung producers in rap right now. The Black Hippies get all the acclaim, but THC created the sonics for “Cartoons & Cereal,” and now this, which feels like a bodega version of “Niggas in Paris.” For those who prefer St. Ides to champagne and Perrier.

The video for Skeme’s “Ain’t Bout That Life” below the jump.

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