September 5, 2012

Riff Raff & Sway

Max Bell, rap game Max Fisher. 

Riff Raff could’ve played for the Dallas Mavericks. But they found crack in his jacket and marijuana in his socks. He and Sway were also recently spotted pulling up at a Chinese buffet prior to rolling to Ruby Tuesdays in candy coated grim reaper Jeep for their fishing trip. It’s reported that two were heard banging Ginuwine in the process. Pause. They were banging it in the trunk. That’s CD dick.

Alright. So that didn’t happen. But would you be all that surprised if it did? Jody Highroller can seemingly go anywhere and do anything, at least when it comes to his rhymes. He stopped by Sway in the Morning and spit another cinematic and surrealistic freestyle that had Sway and Heather B damn near in tears. Once Riff Raff finished, Sway rightly gave Raff his props for at least coming off the top of the dome, unlike most of the other MCs who drop by, only to spit their most recent shit over a different beat.

Whether you want him on the bench or in the game, Riff Raff is one of the most entertaining entities in hip-hop. And I’d argue he’s one of the best self-mythologizing provocateurs in any facet of the entertainment industry. Period. He is the self-proclaimed rap game, Michelle Kwan and Donut Sprinkles. And with the Icee chain that he’s sure to be buried in forever around his neck, maybe he really is the rap game King Tut.


In which Riff Raff talks shit to all three of his haters. He should teach a clinic for comedians on how to  deal with hecklers.

See below for Riff Raff’s Pitchfork interview, in which he freestyles in an enchanted forest while driving an Elgin Baylor Lac:

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