September 12, 2012

Son Raw sees no changes, all he sees is racist faces…wrong song.

Just when you thought Danny Brown had gone off a molly fueled deep end in his recent Darq E. Freaker and Araabmuzik collaborations, comes this throwback jam (from 2009? 2010) over this Blu & Mainframe beat. It reminds you that he’s always been two entirely different rappers: the crunked up UK Bass enthusiast party-rapper with the weird hair AND the adderall-crunching Detroit-raised student of the game aiming to be “the greatest rapper ever.”

The scary thing is that he’s equally apt at both roles, out flocking Flocka with his next-level beat selection while still being capable of crafting thought-provoking head-nodders like “Change,” single-handedly making the stylistic riff between Lupe Fiasco and Chief Keef irrelevant. When people say they don’t like Danny Brown, I tell them they haven’t heard the right one yet.

Bruiser Brigade EP coming next week, DannyJohnson coming “soon.”


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