September 13, 2012

Jonah Bromwich is thinking about ruses.

I reviewed the new Ryan Hemsworth EP recently and, because I enjoyed it, I decided to check out some other stuff he’s done. It didn’t take long before I stumbled upon this fantastic Frank Ocean remix, which Hemsworth released back at the end of July.

A good remix accomplishes two things. It’s a new song, which offers something novel. At the same time, it’s similar to the original, and forms a natural bridge between the pleasure of discovery and the pleasure of the familiar. Hemsworth’s version of “Thinking About You” fulfills both requirements easily. He respects the best part of the song, the indelible vocal which starts Channel Orange out on such a high note. But Ocean’s voice is amplified by Hemsworth’s production tweaks: soft drum machines during the verses which launch into intricate patterns during the chorus.

For those who might think think that a little drum alteration does not a remix make, the Canadian producer dials it up on the bridge, adding kaleidoscoping keyboards that offset Frank’s falsetto beautifully. Just like his buddy Shlohmo’s version of “Crew Love,” Hemsworth’s remix of “Thinking About You,” improves on an already fantastic song, and in respecting the best parts of the original, shows the kind of modesty that one doesn’t usually associate with a dance DJ.


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