September 18, 2012

Fresh kill from the Wrecking Crew. More black-clad pulp bangers pulsing out of the badlands between Motherless Brooklyn, The Big Sleep, The Fantastic Four and Charlton Heston before he burned his b-r-a-i-n for the NRA.  Curly Castro channels his inner Robert Thorn on “Soylent Green,” a track excised from his forthcoming Fidel, where he pairs his afro-futurist paranoia to his sci-fi love jones. I don’t know what to say about the British rapper who does the last 16 bars, other than that it is a British person rapping not named Wiley, Dizzee or Klashnekoff. You understand.

Meanwhile, the Has-Lo remix of Zilla Rocca’s “Michael Caine Glasses” ought to be mandatory for anyone who enjoyed Cancer 4 Cure or Skelethon or an old fashioned. It’s erudite and eerie, a fresh haircut and a closed fist. All in the service of channeling the man who brought dignity to the cockney accent. They are the rap game, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Tracks below the jump.

Homeless Swordsmen: Wrecking Crew Presents Wu Pulp

Video: The Full Spectrum Provided by Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo and Open Mike Eagle

Summer Jamz, 2012: The Best of The Firm, Presented by the Wrecking Crew


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