September 19, 2012

Evan Nabavian is going to the Tony Awards

Every summer, you tell yourself it’s going to be the Summer of George, but before you know it, it’s dark and cold outside at 7 and the leaves are doing that stupid shit where they change colors. And worst of all, no more bikini-clad, daiquiri-flavored summer jams. Club bangers are good year-round, but to a New Yorker who will freeze his balls off until March, a true summer jam is a seasonal treat.

Cutting it close, The Kid Daytona dropped his Summer Games mixtape on August 21st. The connoisseur will skip straight to “Fly Away,” produced by B!nk, the Jan Brady of the Roc. It’s funky, but – and maybe I’m nitpicking here – it doesn’t quite have the texture of a summer jam. Jagged Edge, Nelly, and R. Kelly (the other OTHER golden age) conditioned me to expect me summer jams to be vaguely beachy and/or Caribbean, usually with a touch of breezy guitar to drive the point home. Step one of making a summer jam is to abandon all attempts at subtlety. Step two is to dress like you’re partying in the Hamptons with Puff in the video.

I’m pretty sure Daytona intended the “Fly Away” as a stopgap between pool parties and the Jewish high holidays, and I thank him for it. He’s an extremely able rapper and is well-served by the disco-tinged beat, which lends itself to the dance floor without being totally obvious. It’s damn funky. But a summer jam it is not.

MP3: Kid Daytona -“Fly Away”

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