September 26, 2012

“For the Birds” is the best song about a brick I’ve heard all year. It’s rough. It’s gutter. It’s catchy. Let’s start with the hook: “Birds of a feather flock together and you winging it / Man, this shit is for the birds and I need a brick / Quick, a twenty-eight by thirty-six / Man, this shit is for the birds and I need a brick.” This is coke rap built for the radio. As far as I’m concerned (Boldy too, I’m sure), the FCC and radio DJs are just a bunch of pigeons.

If you’re talking about rhymes, “For the Birds” is tongue in cheek that will put a hole in yours, with enough aviary metaphors to shit on any bird ass rappers trying to peacock:

“4-5 Desert Eagle with the beam / He talk fly, shoot him out the sky, clip his wings”

“Red Bull and Grey Goose mixed with Champagne / What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”

“Over a bird of ‘caine, run up in your bird nest / Put ’em in yo bird brain and yo bird chest”

As for the beat, James’ motor city cohort, Chuck Inglish, offers one of his best productions to date. The drums hit like all Inglish productions—hard. And the woozy accompaniment sounds like someone drowning a synth in some lean.

The visual isn’t anything spectacular, but at the very least Boldy has created the new sign and/or dance for the words: “I need a brick.” Sure, it’s similar to the chicken dance, but infinitely more G. That chicken dance shit was for the birds anyway.

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