September 29, 2012

Son Raw would like to advise you that this video is vaguely NSFW

As Jeff mentioned in his Fort Romeau post, House isn’t our forte around here: too fast, too close to disco and whether the fist-pumping or elitist varieties, you get the sense that Hip-Hop stoners such as us just don’t belong to the party. Like Groucho Marx, we refuse to join any club (music) that would have us as members, not when we can bruk out at our own jams. Exceptions can be made however and in the case of T. Williams’ Think of You, gladly so. Granted, the track’s shuffling 110BPM swing means that it would fit more comfortably alongside R. Kelly’s steppers than anything in Ibiza, but I think we can all agree that’s a good thing. Sensual vocals, truly inventive drum programming and languid vibes: this somehow manages to be 2012’s answer to Blue Lines without ever sounding retro.

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