October 1, 2012

For all we know, this new track from Mario Andretti’s most stoned son could be a new single, an old cast-off, or a blunted session that occurred last night in the laboratory. What we do know is that this is another modest gem from the man who spends his money on expensive cars, smoke and n0t-so-modest gems. Try finding a photo of Spitta not smoking a joint. This is a consistency we must admire.

This beat is the sort of thing built for him. A chipmunk soul flip of Paul Davis’ “I Go Crazy.” The lyrics are nothing out of the ordinary. The deceptive ambition and automobile worship. The blazed affability. I once wrote an article about how no one wants to smoke a blunt with Lupe Fiasco. Curren$y is pretty much the opposite of that.

MP3: Curren$y – “I Go Crazy” (Left-Click)

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